May 3, 2020



What would you like to see?

The Project

Concept & Design:

The concept started out as a game design document I have written for a Game Design lecture.

After my presentation I was so fortunate to meet Johanna Puhl a very talented artist.


During production I took over the complete development, technical direction and management of freelancers, publishers and translations.

Johanna Puhl would take on the task of hand-drawing the fully unique backgrounds and fram-by-frame animating of the characters.

Together we created a unique cut-out paper book reminiscent of children’s books.


Nordlicht eventually gained a lot of attention from the local Hight School of Arts, the HBK. There I would go on write my Bachelor thesis:

The Evaluation of video game experiences:
A practical example

With the help of some hundred participants I was able to give a modern example of how to evaluate a video game, analyze the results and encorperate the gained knowledge into design decisions.

A Success:

Nordlicht had an amazing soft-launch on yielded us with valuable thousands of beta-players. We were approached by the US-based Publisher Sedoc LLC.

After they supported our Steam Release, we were soon later invited to the Game Award Saar, where we won the main-price for -Best Game-

Addtionally we were nominated for the Deutsche Entwicklerpreis in the category -Newcomer- and enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive Launch.

The project is currently under Development for the Nintendo Switch.