May 3, 2020

Game Development


What would you like to see?

Games I have worked on

The Project:

VerstehMal – Das Wasser is a serious Game, that playfully teaches children the water cycle. From Ocean water, to human usage back into the natural water flow.

It is a coloring book app, that additionally features hidden collectibles and story cutscenes within the drawn images. The Story follows along two droplets of water to create a beautifully wholesome experience.

My Contribution: Development, Technical Art

The world Map

Here you would follow the two droplet characters around the whole water cycle.

Going from the ocean, to raining onto a village under the mountains, just to re-enter the cycle in a river to later come back to the ocean.

My Contribution: Game Design, Development

The Project:

Mind the G.A.P. is a game of catch, with a twist. Movement is all Newtonian Physics! Sling around plantes just like in outer space.

I developed this project as part of the masters course Game Programming at IT University of Copenhagen.
The lecture had us develop a 2D Game in C++ without the use of an out-of-the-box Engine, such as Unity. Therefore, this project was completely developed by hand using only the Physics library called Box2D


As this course was a masters course, and I hadn’t finished my bachelors, I wasn’t allowed to get any credit for it.

Which is why my Lecturer wrote me his personal Letter of Recommendation.

Save the Stollen

My Contribution: Development, Technical Art

The Project:

Save the Stollen is a VR game, or rather full room VR experience, that has been developed for the yearly exhibition at Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar,

In a multiprojector setup, the gameworld was projected onto several canvases spanning a whole attic. In there, the players where able to use the VR Controllers to draw lines onto the canvas and create a path for the bursting water to escape to.

Motion Capture Studio

My Contribution: Setup & Linux IT

The Project:

The Motion Capture Lecture at my Hochschule der Bildenden Künste had the need for a Motion Capture studio. Over the course of the lecture we set up a 12 camera and marker-less motion capturing room. Nowadays used for all kinds of projects.